Texarkana Active Transportation User Survey
The Texarkana MPO is in the process of updating the Regional Active Transportation Master Plan. We would appreciate if you took a few minutes to answer the following questions related to bicycling and walking in the Texarkana region.
How do you typically commute?

Do you ride a bike? If so, how often do you ride?

Why do you typically bike in the region?

When you ride your bike, where do you typically travel to?

If you do not bike in the region, why not?

Do you walk as a form of transportation? If so, how often do you walk?

Why do you typically walk?

If you do not walk in the region, why not?

Do you use transit? If so, how often?

How do you access your nearest transit stop?

Are there sidewalks connecting you to your transit stops?

Why don't you use transit?

What kind of improvements would increase your likelihood to ride a bike or walk more often in the Texarkana Region?

If you would like to provide additional comments or concerns about the active transportation system (bike paths, trails, sidewalks, or transit) in the Texarkana Region, please feel free to do so in the space provided below. If you have no additional comments, please scroll to the next question.

To help us identify typical bicycle and pedestrian users, we would appreciate if you could answer the following questions.  Note that this information is voluntary and will be kept anonymous. If you do not feel comfortable answering any of the following questions, please scroll to the next question.

Please make sure to hit the submit button at the bottom of this page to ensure your responses are recorded properly.

What is your age?

What is your race or ethnicity?

Are you currently employed?

What is your estimated annual household income?

Do you have a mobility impairment that impacts your ability to walk or bike? If so, does the current sidewalk network adequately serve your needs?

What ZIP code or neighborhood do you live in?

Thank you for your time and input. Please feel free to use the icons below to share this survey with other interested parties in the Texarkana region.
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